Darlene Koldenhoven's Variety Vocal-Sampler

"Darlene is a most extraordinary vocal talent.  The voice is true and pure and has the widest possible range of styles at its command.  She also has the heart to be able to put real meaning into a song and bring it to life...Beyond her immense talent, she is totally professional and completely reliable, two rather rare and invaluable qualities."

- Jeremy Lubbock, multi-Grammy winning arranger, composer for Barbara Streisand, Celine Dion, Sting

"Although we've never met until recently . . . I've known of your rep as one of the best singers in the biz but never had a chance to hear you solo until I popped in your Kaleidoscope demo and sampled a bunch of tracks.  The range, not only in notation but styles, is amazing . . . . young composers need to know that talents like you exist and can make their job easier and their music sound better."

– Steve Winogradsky, Esq. Los Angeles, CA

This is a demonstration of the type of singing Darlene has worked on for some of the world's finest composers and producers in film, television, albums, commercials, and live recordings over the past ten years or so. Please start with part one. The style of singing and the part she has sung with additional work she's done is listed on the right.  Thanks for listening and enjoy the sampler.
If you are a person who hires vocalists and you'd like a hard copy of the entire sampler, please contact us with your address and the type of work you do and we will send you the full Kaleidoscope vocal sampler for your files at no charge, of course. If your are a singer and would like KeyNote Productions, Inc. to produce your sampler in our studio, send an e-mail with your contact information and we'd be happy to speak with you about producing your demo.
Song Excerpt - Variety Spectrum 1 (click name for samples in MP3 format)
1. SPOKEN PRELUDE & HEAVEN Voiceover & Breathy Intimate Pop - Solo
2. EMMANUEL Classic High-Sop./Low-Alto - Solo
3. ENERGIZER Scat Bach - Solo
4. NBC Jazzy - Top Group 6
5. HOLLYWOOD SQUARES Pop Rock - Duet Girl
6. OOH BABY Pop R&B - Solo
7. CLASSIC TRILL Classical - Solo
8. AFRICAN CHANT African - Top & Middle Group 12, Vocal Contractor
9. LIGHT OF MINE Church Gospel - Solo/Adlibs, Top Group 24, Ctr., Arranger
10. ANGEL'S PASTORALE Angelic Enya Choir - All Parts, Composer/Arranger
11. SALLEY GARDEN Celtic, Enya - Solo
12. PRAYER OF THE CHILDREN Celtic, Appalachian - Solo
13. LA FEMME NIKITA Dance, Sexy, French - Solo
14. MOMA BEGA Bulgarian Choir - All Parts
15. ARABIAN NIGHT Middle Eastern - Improvised Solo
16. JOSEPH'S QUESTION Wailing Adlibs - Solo, Composer/Arranger
17. TWENTY YEARS GIRL TIME Country Pop - Duet BG's
18. RIDE THE OPEN PRARIE Country Yodel - Solo
19. LOVE IS AN ACTION WORD Alternative Rock - Solo/Adlibs, Composer/Arranger
20. LIFE IS A CABARET Broadway Belt in Korean & English - Solo
21. NBC-FRASIER Jazzy - Top Group 6
22. OH LA LA! Cha-Cha-cha Young Sassy Italian Belt - Solo
23. WHY DO FOOLS FALL IN LOVE Teen Youth - Solo & Top Group 4
24. ALL WE LIKE SHEEP Choir Boy - Solo
25. Y COMO MOR Spanish - Solo
26. THE LAST WORD YOU SAID Contemporary Music Theatre Ballad - Solo
27. DOME EPAIS Classical - Duet/Sop.II
28. ONE MINUTE WALTZ Classical Humoresque - Solo
29. HALLELUHAH Gospel R&B - Top Group 6, Contractor
30. ARIA (Based on Dome Epais) Semi-Classical - Live Duet Sop. Lead from Yanni, Live at the Acropolis
Variety Spectrum 2 - Seriously Classical
32. LOVE IS ENOUGH Jeremy Lubbock (English)
33. O MIO BABBINO CARO Puccini (Italian)
34. AMOR Richard Strauss (German, Live)
35. MARIA Jobim arr. Castroneves (Portuguese)
36. ALLAH'U'ABHA Graham Major (B'ahai, Solo/Sop.G8)
37. MODINHA Jobim arr. Castroneves (Portugese, Live)
38. DE LOS ALAMOS MADRE Rodrigo (Spanish, Live)
39. LA BERGERE AUX CHAMPS Cantaloube (French, Live)
40. IRIDESCENT WINGS Michel Colombier (English)
41. VOICES OF SPRING Johann Strauss (Italian)
Variety Spectrum 3  - Light Jazz & Semi-Classical
42. IPANEMA Jobim, arr. Oscar Castroneves (Portuguese)
43. AWAKENING Jeremy Lubbock
44. BOSSA NOVA David Steinberg (Scat)
45. SILENT NIGHT Arr. Darlene Koldenhoven (all parts)
46. O HOLY NIGHT Arr. J. Lubbock for Celine Dion (TopGrp 24/Ctr.)
47. PIE JESU Andrew Lloyd Weber, arr. Alex Wurman/Koldenhoven (all parts, voc. arr.)
49. GOD REST YE MERRY GENTLEMEN Arr. M. Vardey (All parts)
50. FREEFALL Clare Fischer (Scat, Lead Soprano Grp 6, Ctr.)
Variety Spectrum 4 - Vocal Art
51. KISS 108FM MEDLEY Start the Party Early (Rock, R&B, Solo & BG's, Comp./Arr), Inner Voices (a cappella, Solo & Trop Group 4)
52. PERFECT HARMONY (FILM) "All We Like Sheep" Choir Boy, Solo
53. PIONEER LASER DISCCLASSICAL MEDLEY Classical (Coloratura, Solo), Up On the Roof (Pop/Gospel, Solo & Top Group 6), TV's Funniest Commercials (Rap, Voiceover), Lincoln Mercury (E. Indian, Italian, etc., All Voices)
54. MEDLEY Grub Hollers (Inner Voices, Country, Solo), Miller Beer (Wailing Improv, All Parts)
55. MEDLEY Disney's Alladin & Abu Dolls (Voiceover), Beauty & The Beast (Musical Theatre, Solo), Internal Afffairs (Film, Whistle Tones/Very Lo & Mid, All Solos)
56. CAST A DEADLY SPELL (FILM) Sexy Jazz, Solo
57. MEDLEY Raleigh (Breathy, Enya, All Voices), Mercedes (MOR, Solo)

Movie Trailer, Classical-High Lyric & Mezzo, Solo, Ford (Pretty Young French Solo), Balance of Power (Rock, Solo & BG's), Dreamer's Holiday (Jazz, Top, Group 4), Marisela (Spanish-pop, Top Group 3, CD), Lionel Richie (Child, Top Group 9, CD)
59. MEDLEY Angels We Have Heard (Pop-Jazz acappella, Top Group 4, Arr.), Boogie Woogie Santa Claus (CD, Pop-Jazz acappella, Top Group 4), Up On The Roof (Pop-Gospel, Solo & Top Group 6)
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